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G-2 Associates
Welcome to G-2 Associates, conducting leadership retreats, seminars and historical adventures where the stage of history becomes today's classroom.
The incredible memoir of Helias Doundoulakis who was the only OSS Spy to operate in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1944. He eluded capture by the Gestapo for months and operated his wireless set to report on German troop movements.
Witness To War : Preserving the Oral Histories of Combat Veterans
The Witness to War Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the stories and unique experiences of combat veterans. It was founded in an attempt to answer the unanswerable: What was it like to be there?
Military History Online
On a March through The Past: A webzine of Community Submitted Articles.
From the Greek-Persian Wars through to Operation Iraqi Freedom - Military History Online is a definitive collection of articles covering all aspects of Military history.
WWII Technical Database
A website dedicated to WWII technical details, driven by a tremendous database of reliable technical information, and viewable through useful browsing tools.
The Axis History Factbook
This is an incredibly in depth site on Germany, Italy and its allies in World War II. Truly an important site to visit.
The Second World War Experience Centre
An excellent site dedicated to preserving and encouraging access to the surviving material evidence and associated information of the men and women who participated in all aspects of WW2.
Pictures of Dimitry Statharos: Greece 1940-1948
A tribute page and photos in memory of Dimitry "Mitso" Statharos who served four times in three wars for both the Allies and under the Axis in Wartime Greece from 1940-1948.
Australia at War
Australian forces were extensively involved in World War 2. To assist our visitors in gaining an appreciation of Australia’s involvement in this conflict we have provided the following: Overview and chronology of the conflict, The Aussie home front and the Battle for Austalia. This site has a good set of links about the Australia Armed Forces as orgininal ANZACS and in Confilts Post - 1945.

Gunners Net
An Australian site dedicated to Artillery Gunners who served in foreign conflicts, including WWII, worldwide.
British World War II Links
Site with links to topics relating to Britain in World War II.
Heroes Remember: Veterans Affairs Canada.
The Heroes Remember Web site presents the personal recollections of ordinary Canadians who became heroes when confronted with extraordinary circumstances.These recollections are mostly from WW2, although some have taken place in more modern-day conflicts.
The Metaxas Project
A highly detailed website covering the dictatorship of John Metaxas who ruled Greece in the 1930's and during the Greek-Italian War in Albania during WWII.
Commando Supremo: Italy At War
Excellent site covering Italian Armed Forces of World War II! A wealth of information can be found here as well as a vibrant discussion forum!
German War Machine
"German War Machine" is a new monthly magazine about the German Army. It is the best thing about the German Army on the market, packed with exciting first-hand accounts, over 50 great photos (we guarantee there'll be some you haven't seen before) and detailed diagrams and maps.
Russian Army in World War II
An interesting site covering the Russian Army (RKKA) in World War II.
Finnish War Veterans History Project
Marshall Kregel of the KevOs4 History Group initiated this idea 2 years ago. The plan is to interview, on film or audio tape, 100+ Finnish veterans of the wars 1939-1945. This would include Lottas and children of the war.
Kurland-Kessel: The German Army in Latvia
German site covering the history of the German Army in Latvia.
Office of Strategic Services Operational Groups Website
It is the intent of this site is to compile information about the O.S.S. Operational Groups and their activities during World War II, and to make that information available to the public.
OSS Society
The Office of Strategic Services Society celebrates the historical accomplishment of the OSS during World War II—the first organized effort by the United States to implement a centralized system of strategic intelligence.
Testaments of Honour
This non-profit project’s purpose is to record, on digital video, the personal histories of Canadian veterans — for our children, for students, for our families, and for the veterans themselves.
U-Boat Aces
In depth site about U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic.
Monte Cassino Experiance Project
The Monte Cassino Experience Project is an ongoing educational project designed to collect and disseminate the personal experiences of those who fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino in a short-story format. Our intention is to build a collection of personal accounts of the battle from all sides thus remembering and honoring them.
The Dambusters Website
Website about the great dambusting missions of WWII.
World War 2 Ex
One of the largest dedicated websites on the Internet for those seeking to be reunited with old friends or for those looking for information about someone who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.
Battle of Arnhem Archive
Website covering the details of the battle of Arnhem, Holland in September 1944.
6th Airborne Division - Normandy
Battle history of the 6th Airborne in the Normandy Campaign.
85th Infantry Division Website
Website that tells the story of the 85th "Custer" Infantry Division that served in Italy.
Czechoslovak military units in USSR (1942-1945)
Dedicated to members of the Czechoslovak military units in USSR, who took part in war to liberate the Ukrainian and later on the Czechoslovak territory between 1943-1945.
Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society
Mission Statement of the LRDG Preservation Society: To learn as much as possible about the unit, the men in it and the equipment and tactics they used. Then to share that information with all whom wish to learn.
Prisoner of War
This is a site about the experiences of Prisoners of War, of any nationality, during World War II.
Norway During WWII
Excellent website on Norway during WWII!
U.S. Airborne During WW II
Comprehensive History of U.S. Airborne Divisions in the Second World War.
The Carpetbagger Photographic Archives
Great website on the air arm of the OSS in the European Theater.
Salient Points
This website is designed as a portal dedicated to the 1st and 2nd World Wars. A single source for information, referances, links, battlefield tourism, books and news
Bund Deutscher Maedel (League of German Girls) Historical Research Site
Research site dealing with the BDM/ League of German Girls, the Nazi female section of the Hitler Youth.
HMS Hood Website
Website about the famous British Battleship HMS Hood.
HMS Gambia
The Ship has a connection with New Zealand, as it was loaned to the RNZN in 1943, as a replacement to Achilles, which was seriously damaged in the Battle of The River Plate. It was manned mainly by Kiwi's during that period.
HMS Royal Oak
The Royal Oak was only six weeks old when this Dreadnought was sunk by torpedoes from a German U-Boat.
This site is dedicated to the 833 men who lost their lives.
The Bismark & Tirpitz
The purpose of this site is to give the visitors a detailed and informative place on the Internet related to the history of the battleships of the Bismarck Class. It also has details about many Ships used by the German Navy during WW2.
Hyperwar Foundation
A Hypertext History of the Second World War.
Official US & British Commonwealth histories, reference works, and selected source documents.
World War 2 in Yugoslavia
Chronology of World War 2, civil war and revolution in Yugoslavia from occupation to liberation. Describes armies involved from Tito's Partisans, Ustashe, Chetniks to Germans and Italians, battles and operations fought and weapons used.
War Letters
A Great Resource for historical research. This site contains hundreds of primary source documents and first person accounts from the First and Second World Wars.
Battlefields of WW2 by Paul Reed
An execllent site dedicated to the Battlefields of WW2. This is a great resource for the BattleField Vistor with information on what there is to see, how to go about doing it and raising awareness of these battlefieds.
World War 2 Talk
A Comprehensive group of Discussion formus to debate all topics related to WW2.
World War Two Forums
World War II Forums dealing Command and Control, Theaters of the Second World War, WII Activities and Hobbies and a General Discussion Board.
World War Two Timeline
The website includes an exhaustive day by day timeline, covering every event that occured during World War 2, by military theatre and in chronological order from 1939 through to 1945. Included are Casualty Figures, Famoues Quotes and a section on WW2 on Film.
World War II Multimedia Database
This site provides a visual overview WW2, including the prelude to war and the Post War World, using photographs and, in some cases, video and even radio broadcasts. An excellent resource written and produced by Jason McDonald.
World War Two Plus 55
By David H. Lippman.
Daily events from around the globe as they happened 55 years ago.
BBC World War II Oral History Project
Incredible site containing the oral histories of tens of thousands of British soldiers and citizens about their wartime experiences.
Rutgers Oral History Archives
The Rutgers Oral History Archives of WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Cold War is an enterprise to record the personal experiances of the men and woman who served on the home front and overseas.
The World at War: 1939 - 1945
This Web site is intended for enthusiasts of World War Two. The text has been written using our own judgement and should be easily understood by everybody
Hudson Falls High School WWII Living History Project
An ongoing high school educational project designed to collect and disseminate the personal histories of the World War II generation in electronic and textual format on the WWW. Located in upstate New York, USA.
Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel
An award-winning novel based upon the real-life experiences of Eli Ellison, who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a fighter control technician in Western Europe from 1943 to 1945. His service took him to London, Normandy, Verviers, Liège, and Germany.
The Memoirs of William Paull, USMC: From Butte to Iwo Jima
Memoir of a USMC veteran who served in the Pacific from 1942-45. He was even stationed in New Zealand for a period of time while in transit to the Pacific.
A Wartime Log of Ian Duncan: POW 1942-1945
Dedicated to the memory of the Father of Keith Duncan who kept a war log/diary detailing his experiances as a POW of both the Italians and the Germans during WW2.
The Letters of Private Melvin W. Johnson
Wonderful tribute website set up by the grandson of WWII Veteran Melvin Johnson who was killed in World War II. A very well tailored site that is certainly worth a visit.
John Brunner, OSS Communications Officer, China Theater
John Brunner was an OSS Officer stationed in locations throughout China during WWII. He has authored several detailed and historically precise books on the OSS that are available on his website.
Memoirs Of The Greek / American Operational Group Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Excellent memoir of Andrew Mousalimas who was a member of the OSS Greek Battalion, part of Operational Group (OG) 4, which operated in Greece behind German lines in 1944. Author can be contacted via this website.
Website about a top secret OSS Mission in Norway.
Long Range Desert Group (Belgian/English Site)
A wonderful site dedicated to the preservation of LRDG history.
Collin County Freedom Fighters
This is a site for United States Military Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, and their Families, who have ever called Collin County, Texas home.
The Lone Sentry
Photos, Articles, and Research on the European Theater in World War II.
Tanks, Aircraft, Weapons and More
Information and photos of armoured vehicles, plus German War Records from the U.S National Archives with information on all of the Third Reich's military services.
The Bovington Tank Museum
Home of the "Tank" in Bovington, UK.
Achtung Panzer!
The history of the Tanks and the People of the Panzertruppe.
Panzers of the Reich
Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Luftwaffe Of The Reich
Information on Arado, Bachem, Blohm Voss, Dornier, Fieseler, Focke Wulf , Gotha, Heinkel, Henschel, Junkers, Messerschmitt, V1, V2, planes of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Kriesgmarine of the Reich
Information on the German Battleships Of WWII, Bismarck, Graf Zeppelin, Tirpitz, Admiral Graf Spee, ect, development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
American Aces of WWII
This site contains a comprehensive list of Air Force Aces from World War Two. Included are the names and number of Kills.
U-Boats of the Reich
In Depth look at German U boats, U boat Types, U boat Commanders, U boat Flotillas, Of WWII. Combat history, technical data and photos, development history.
Militaria Seller is a world leader in the Militaria Colletibles. We are selling Original WWII German Stuff. We supply Militaria Collectors, Military Historians, Museums, Film Studios and many others.
WWI & WWII Propaganda Posters; Shirts; Mugs; and WWI & WWII Military music & DVDs.
World War II Maps - Top Secret Bigot
This site is dedicated to helping people find friends and veterans from WW2. Offers memorabilia relatating toreproductions of Bigot maps.
Second World War Magazine
The UK based magazine dedicated to this epic struggle for freedom. The voice and record for those who served from 1939-1945.
World War Two Books
New and used military history books, specializing in the Second World War with other periods of military history also listed.
Nothing But War Movies
Sells only war or military themed movies. The conflicts span the dawn of time to the most current military operations. The titles come from all over the globe, from every perspective
Category: Oral History Guides (6)
Here are a few websites that can guide you in conducting an oral history interview project in your community.
  New Zealands History Online: A Guide to Oral History
A very thorough guide on how to prepare for an oral history interview, from the questions to ask to the recording equipment to use.
  Oral History Society
UK based website that provides a basic guide to how to approach an oral history project.
  US Library of Congress Veterans History Project
A great resource for conducting an oral history project.
  WWII Oral History Question List
A general list of questions that you can use when interviewing most veterans, tailoring them to your needs as necessary.
  Wisconsin Veteran Affairs Oral History Project
Oral history project in Wisconsin that has a useful interviewers packet, including sample questions, at the bottom of the main page which can be downloaded for free.
  Oral History Association
The Oral History Association, established in 1966, seeks to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories.
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QEII Army Memorial Museum Waiouru
Looming dramatically out of the tussock and "guarded" by restored tanks and guns, the Waiouru Army Museum is situated in the Central North Island, New Zealand. It functions as a memorial; to acquire, preserve and display aspects of New Zealands Military History.
New Zealands History Online
This site features information and resources from within the History Group of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Wellington, New Zealand. A great online resource with an excellent section on War and Society.
National Library Of New Zealand
Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa and the Alexander Turnbull Library have the most comprehensive collection of New Zealands Culture and Heritage.
New Zealand War Art
War Art Online brings together a diverse collection of about 1,500 artworks covering major conflicts involving New Zealanders from World War One onwards.
New Zealand Military History Society
The Society was formed to foster the study of New Zealand Military History, defined as the History of Warfare in New Zealand and of New Zealanders at War. Our aims and objectives are to encourage research into history, traditions, uniforms, insignia, arms and all aspects of militaria.
The Official History of New Zealand In The Second World War
The offical histories cover all areas of New Zealands involvement in the Second World War.
Over 12 million words and 5,000 photographs, maps and diagrams - testimony to the heroism of our Nation.
A Guide to ANZAC Day
Since 1921, ANZAC Day has been a public holiday. On the 25th April, New Zealanders and Australians acknowledge the sacrifice of all those who have died in warfare, and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.
Voices From The Pacific War
Website of Author Bruce M. Petty who has written several books on the Pacific War and who is currently working on a book on New Zealands role in World War II.
NZDF - The New Zealand Defence Force.
This website provides a comprehensive overview of the activities of the New Zealand Defence Force and the services it provides. A great resource for information about Civilan Employment Opportunies, Personal Records, Medals Site and News.
Royal New Zealand RSA.
The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services' Association was founded in 1916 by wounded veterans returning from WW1. Its establishment recognised a need to provide care for returning soldiers and to assist the famalies of those who would never return.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Established in 1917, the Commonwealth War Grave Commission pays tribute to the 1,700,000 men and woman of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars. More than just centaphs and cemeteries. Includes a searchable database.
New Zealand Armed Forces Memorial Project.
Project to photograph and collect a pictorial record of New Zealand war graves and memorials both overseas and in New Zealand and to record the stories of military personnel, whether they lost their lives or returned home.
Air Force Museum: Christchurch
New Zealands Premier Air Force Museum has 28 restored Aircraft, interactive family Entertainment, Eduction Programmes and is Christchurch’s largest themed function venue.
New Zealands Navy Museum.
Provides information on past and presant exhibitions. Includes an overview of the museums collections, library, RNZN history and governance of the Museum.
Struan: A New Zealander at War
Battlegrounds, recreation and sightseeing in North Africa and the Middle East during World War II, in the diaries and vintage photographs of New Zealand Division gunner Struan MacGibbon.
The Victoria Cross: Britains Highest Award for Gallantry
This site describes how the Victoria Cross was instigated and news about recent VC Winners. Included in this website on the Victoria Cross you will find an index of individual VC holder's names and a list (by County & Country) of the location of graves of VC holders.
New Zealand Victoria Cross Recipients from 1863 - 1943
This site is dedicated to Victoria Cross winners who hail from New Zealand, or served with New Zealand regiments, with an explanation of their Gallantry. The list profiles recipients of the VC from 1863 during the early New Zealand Land Wars through to Holland 1943 during WW2.
Wikipedia: Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross is a military decoration awarded for valour “in the face of the enemy” to members of armed forces of some Commonwealth countries and previous British Empire territories. Within this entry there are detailed descriptions of the VC’s origins, Recipients post WW2 and Statistics.
The New Zealand Army
Everything you need to know about Todays Army.
The Royal New Zealand Air Force.
From its History to Career Opportunities, this site covers all aspects of todays Air Force.
The Royal New Zealand Navy.
The pupose of this website is to provide information about the activities and career opportunities of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Royal New Zealand Naval Association
The Royal New Zealand Naval Association for those serving or who have served in any ship, arm, branch or Corp of Her Majesty’s Royal Navies. This site contains Navel news, Histories, a Photo Gallery and much more.
Kiwis in Armour
Documents the history of armoured fighting vehicles in New Zealand and also those used operationally in various campaigns by New Zealanders. Site content by Jeff Plowman.
New Zealand Woman's Royal Army Corps & Woman's Auxiliary Air Force
Site has brief histories of the NZWRAC and NZWAAF, pictures, personal narratives and links to related sites.
New Zealands Roll of Honour
Register of New Zealand soldiers who died in the New Zealand Wars, Boer War, World War I, World War II, and in overseas service subsequently, plus a listing of known New Zealand veterans of the US Civil War. Still incomplete. Includes personal narratives and letters relating to the Boer War, World War I, and World War II.
Veterans Affairs New Zealand.
Website about policies and services for War Veterans.
28th Maori Battalion Association
Website coming soon....
28th Maori Battalion: "ake ake kia kaha e"
A history of the 28th Maori Battalion.
161 Battery RNZA
Formed in 1950 to fight in Korean War as part 16th Field Regiment. During the Vietnam War, the Battery received the South Vietnamese Presidential Unit Citation of The Cross of Gallantry With Palm Leaf and the US Presidential Unit Citation Award.
Victor Company 1RNZIR: Vietnam 1967
Victor Company was the first Infantry deployed to Vietnam by the New Zealand Government in May 1967. This site outlines Victor Companys history from its Deployment to it's Operations in Vietnam from May to November 1967. Also included is a Nominal Role, a wide range of Personal accounts, Maps, Photographs and Poetry.
Whiskey Company: Vietnam 1967 - 68
In October 1967 the New Zealand Government decided to deploy a second rifle company group to South Vietnam. Contained is the history behind it's Activation, Deployment, Operations. Also included are Photographs, Poems and Whiskey Companys Honour Roll.
W3 Company RNZIR: Vietnam 1969 - 1970
This website exists to link the former soldiers of W3 Company (whisky3) RNZIR [Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment] New Zealand Army, on active service in the Republic of South Vietnam from 14 November 1969 to 10 November 1970. It remembers the three comrades who died on duty. It offers communication with former comrades & their next of kin, & assistance where possible. It also allows for the personal stories of service to be aired & remembered.
  Memories of New Zealand and the Vietnam War
The Vietnam War Oral History Project is the hub for memories of New Zealand and the Vietnam War. Get involved: contribute your memories of the Vietnam War, or browse submissions by others.
The Ex-Vietnam Services Association
Founded in 1982, it has 1800 members, consisting of persons who served with the Allied Forces in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War, out of approximately 2800 still surviving. The objectives of EVSA are to promote on-going comradeship amongst members, and to assist with the welfare of Vietnam Veterans, their children and whanau.
New Zealand Genealogy Website
New Zealand Genealogy Resource.
New Zealand In History
Website about New Zealands role in World History.
H.R.S: Historical Re-enactment Society (NZ) Inc
Society members put on displays, in period costume, entertaining and educating the public about World War II. Includes issues of the quarterly newsletter Relive history.
New Zealand Edge
Is a new way of thinking about our identity, people, stories, achievements and role in the world. Home to a global community of New Zealanders.